A Christmas Update!

Merry Christmas time everyone! We hope this season brings joy to you and your loved ones. We wanted to give an update to our fans and followers from game development to overall roadmap progress.


Over 5700 Holders in just 3 weeks. Thank you so much for believing in this project.

First off on the list of updates is our holder wallet progress. We are now up to 5700 Holders! Let’s continue to let people in on the secret juice that is $ATK. We believe our products will change the gaming industry and bring mass value to our holders. Thank you for helping us get this far.


You heard it right we will be releasing our first NFTs the first week of January! These 5 limited card collectables will be claimable at https://attackwagon.com for anyone holding $ATK! We will be limiting each of the 5 cards to 500 copies. These cards will have some in-game functions as well as allow us to show off art and lore of the expanse. We have so much story, concept art and more that you normally wouldn’t see much of in a production but placing them in NFT form allows us to let those pieces live on. We will continue to release more of these Art sets but once they are gone the only way to get one will be snagging them off a marketplace so make sure to claim yours fast.


On Christmas day we will be giving 500 $ATK to 5 different fans. If you haven’t done so yet please go and follow the discord and enter the giveaway on the #giveaway channel! https://discord.gg/awycpa3X


We are working on getting on multiple exchanges in the new year. $ATK will continue to grow as we find more and more investors/holders. We have now applied for Binance and Bitmart. The paperwork was quite lengthy but we will keep everyone up to date on the progress there.


Shield reading on the Basilisk Class ship

The game is coming along nicely and we wanted to share a good amount of photos from different aspects that are currently being developed.

The many gods of the expanse

The gods play an important part in Scrap Guilds. They are a main source for quests in the expanse sending you on tasks for or against other gods and factions. Their power however is finite as their magic is consistently “scrapped” for profits so their influence, while powerful, is limited. Will you choose to follow one of them or will you choose your own path?

Ships of the expanse. Woven Capital Ship(top right), Goblin Raider(left), Hellion Class(bottom right)

The ships in the expanse are diverse. Each of the main factions have their specific styles and cultural references while the civilian ships and raider parties have very distinct looks of their own. Customizing your scrapper ship will be fun and strategic as you want to look good but also choose just the right parts for your mission.

Ship Concept Art(left) | Ship part Concept(right)

Designing the ships is one of our artists favorite tasks. On the left is the concept art for Nora Nova’s ship. On the right is one of the concepts for the garage where you will you be able to pick and choose what parts you want on your ship.

More dangers of the expanse.

The expanse has many dangers and one of those is a beast that has been grown for battle. More info on these creatures is coming soon.


Our language communities are growing and we would love to see that continue as we want our products to be all inclusive. Our fastest growing communities are our Chinese and Turkish Communities. Thank you so much to the mods and leaders in those groups for pushing so hard to make them successful. These communities will also be helping us translate our products. If you would like to join these communities and help us get the word out you can find the links below.

Chinese Community : https://t.me/attackwagonCN

Turkish Community :https://t.me/attackwagonTR



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