Free NFT Claim this Friday!

If you haven’t heard already we are giving away set #1 of the Scrap Guilds Art & Lore NFT series. If you want to learn a little more about the drop read our last article here →

So, how do I claim?

If you are already holding $ATK in your Metamask wallet then it is quite simple. This Friday(January 7th) we will send out an announcement on all of our socials that the claim page is live. At that time you can visit that page and ‘Connect your wallet.’ Our system will then verify you hold $ATK and how long you have held it. If you a verified then you will be able to click ‘Claim NFT’ and you will receive your free NFT Art & Lore card straight to your wallet.

These claims are randomized so that we spread out the amount of each NFT. Obviously, the quickest users who claim first will receive the lower Mint # cards. The longer it takes you to claim the higher the Mint # you will receive.

Easy as that.

What if I don’t hold any $ATK?

If you don’t hold $ATK but still want to get in on claim then go and buy some $ATK! You won’t be eligible for this friday’s claim but you can grab yours when the series goes available to the public on January 14th! On that day any $ATK becomes eligible to grab theirs. The longer you hold the more claims and giveaways are made available to you. So go grab your $ATK today at or
Quickswap Exchange

How do I claim if my tokens aren’t in my wallet?

You will need to get a metamask wallet address whitelisted. It’s super easy to get a metamask wallet. Simply download from and setup the Polygon Network
Once you have a new metamask wallet address you will need to get it whitelisted. Go here and fill out the information about your $ATK holdings

Once you fill out the form above we will verify the information and email you confirmation that your address has been whitelisted. On friday you will simply do the same process as those holding directly in those metamask wallets above! Your address will already be whitelisted and ready to go.

A special NFT for those that hold 20,000+ $ATK

Yes, you heard that right if you hold or are holding 20,000 or more $ATK by this friday you will receive a special Art & Lore Series Card Limited. This card won’t be claimable but it will be airdropped to each and every address that have held since Dec. 21st and holds more than 20k $ATK. What makes this card so special? A. Only a select few will own it. B. It is essentially an ATK status symbol to show off to your friends. As of right now only 160 wallets own more than 20k $ATK. That is very few people in the world that will have this new beautiful piece of NFT art.

So make sure if you aren’t holding on Metamask to whitelist above and we will see all of you on FRIDAY January 7th!



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