Gold & Platinum Full!

It’s been 7 days since we launched our in-house staking and 2 out of the 3 pools are already full!

We’re absolutely grateful for the amount of support shown by our community, showcasing their trust in us as a project by staking their tokens to help the security of the protocol.

How fast have they been filling?

Our Platinum Pool filled in 20 minutes after we launched staking!

Earning you 100% on your $ATK for full Maturity of the pool.

Early rewards yielding you 40% on your $ATK!

Our Gold Pool has filled less than a week from launch!

Earning you 40% on your $ATK for full Maturity of the pool

Early rewards yielding you 20% on your $ATK.

Our community is so strong, their long-term vision for $ATK is admirable, as we have many releases in the coming months it’s going to be very beneficial for them to have those extra tokens from staking.

Now, just because these two pools are filled doesn’t mean you missed out.
Our Silver Staking Pool is still open! But I wouldn’t wait too long before staking, it’s already 1/5 full!

To stake, simply go to our website, and click on the staking options!

Here is a direct link to the Silver Pool!

Don’t forget to also join us in our conversations on Discord!

Hurry anon, it’s filling quick :)



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