Happy New Year’s Eve

Crater Worms are a thing of beauty if you can look past the snapping jaws.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! We are so thankful for our fans and followers who have been with us since the beginning! We wanted to thank all of you by doing a special NFT release next week so today I’m going to walk you through how that will work.

The NFT Drop!

Preview of one of the Art & Lore Cards

On January 7th we will have a release of our limited Scrap Guilds Art & Lore Collection. This is set #1. We will continue to do these releases throughout the year.

So how does it work?

We will be releasing 500 copies of 5 different card designs. These cards will have some in-game functions as well as allow us to show off art and lore of the expanse. We have so much story, concept art and more that you normally wouldn’t see much of in a production but placing them in NFT form allows us to let those pieces live on.

Starting January 7th we will have a landing page dedicated to claiming your NFT. Our claim system will allow any holders that have been with us since the beginning to verify and claim their reward straight from their metamask wallet. You will receive 1 of the 5 NFT cards. We are doing this so that we can make sure that our long-term holders first and foremost get an NFT. We will give our long term holders 1 week to finish their claims then on the 14th of January we will open the claims to everyone else to grab the remaining cards.

*If you are a long-term Gate.io holder there will be a different process for you that includes whitelisting. We will have the details for this released a few days before the claim page is live.

Behind the Scenes of Art & Lore Set #1

We thought it would be fun to show you some behind the scenes work of concepts that feed into the Art & Lore series.

The Art & Lore series will give story elements, concept art, designs and other elements you won’t see in game but will give more background to the universe. Throughout the series you will see both early and late concepts of the planets throughout the expanse along with cultural and historical pieces that dig deeper than just a planet flyover. You will get to see creatures, ships, gods and more. We want this series to be a fun, interesting and new way to be involved in the video games we create.

Concepts of the Planet Herrenvale

You will get to see characters from early concepts through full animations.

General Magnus Riptooth — E.S.R. Marine General

The Art & Lore cards have all been designed by our 3d team. They have pushed the limits on these to make something exceptional and new. But they have key lore tie-ins as well. Let’s breakdown the pieces of the cards.

The Card Frame for Set #1 of Art & Lore

The card frames are built to resemble the doors to your in-game garage. The garage is where you store all your pieced together Scrapper ships.

The Magitech Holo Device for Set #1 of Art & Lore

The bottom plate is the Magitech Holo Device. This device is a store of magical energies used to communicate across great distances.

Mack Murdock — Dwarf Scrapper Extraordinaire

As you saw in the trailer they use sand-like particles to create “holograms” of your messages. This can include text, faces of those speaking to you and more. These devices are found in each and every scrappers ship. Make sure to grab your NFT Cards from the Art & Lore Series.

We can’t thank you all enough for being a part of this project and helping us make our dream games a reality. We wish you all a very Happy New Year!



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