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New Website Launching Next Friday!

Alright Scrappers, next friday we are launching our new website at! This new site will feature details on the upcoming Land Sales, the Free Art & Lore NFT’s and more! Time for $ATK to put it’s foot on the gas but we need your help.

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We will be doing a handful of CONTESTS and giving away over 150k ATK in prizes! The contests will begin at site launch time next friday so that every new invitee has a great place to visit to dive in and find out more info about the company, $ATK and the future of Free-to-Play/Play-to-Earn.

A few quick updates before we get to Land Sales:

  1. Staking is almost Full! Platinum and Gold filled up super fast but Silver has been a little slower to fill up. BUT we are almost there. At the time of writing this newsletter Silver staking is up to 4.3m ATK. If you want to earn great APY on top of your current ATK holding make sure to jump in.
  2. New Gameplay Footage! Just wanted to get some new Gameplay footage in front of your eyes as we continue production. Check it out below!
  3. Speaking of production we have made quite a few new hires here recently as we slowly build the team to take on future games including Spell Cartel. 6 Game Devs, 3 Blockchain Devs, 6 Artists(including concept, sculpting etc) and we are still hiring. If you are a concept artist, 3d sculptor, Game Developer or Blockchain Dev we need you! Send your resume to and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Land Sales

Ok, Now to the nitty gritty on how Land and the Sale of it will go. Join us as we piece together the remnants of ‘Aethervale that was’ into the new Aethervale Station. Once the epicenter of the Immortal Star Realms, the pieces of Aethervale now sit scattered throughout the Vale system circling what is known as the Shadestar.

This is the first of four land sales, each helping us build a quarter of the station. Like most land plots in blockchain games these plots are income generating NFTs. However these Land NFTs benefit from EACH AND EVERY game ever made by Attack Wagon Games.

The land plots represent a portion of the fees taken in all Attack Wagon Games. What does this mean? It means that each plot receives an amount of the fees generated from every single marketplace transaction. The amount of the fee you gather is proportionate to the amount of land you own.

Why is this a big deal? Because most games only offer you a temporary fee collecting NFT but these Land NFTs represent every game Attack Wagon creates.

Land Plot Types

We have 3 different land plot types Common, Grand and Iconic Land Plots. Here is a breakdown of what you get from each of the 3 land types.

Common Plots — 6975 Common Plots available

Common plots will split 40% of the overall fees collected from the Marketplace. On top of earning a marketplace fee your daily limit cap for earning $ATK in game is also raised by 15% if you own a Common Plot.

Grand Plots — 1000 Grand Plots available

Grand plots will split 40% of the overall fees collected from the Marketplace. Grand Plots also get voting rights for future Attack Wagon Games. On top of earning a marketplace fee your daily limit cap for earning $ATK in game is also raised by 25% if you own a Grand Plot.

Iconic Plots — 30 Iconic Plots available

Iconic plots will split 20% of the overall fees collected from the Marketplace. Iconic Plots also get voting rights for future Attack Wagon Games, a Custom in-game NFT produced just for the Iconic Land Owners in each game and Each Iconic Plot Owner can submit a logo for their plots Banner to immortalize them on the Stations surface. On top of earning a marketplace fee your daily limit cap for earning $ATK in game is also raised by 100% if you own an Iconic Plot.

Purchasing Land

Time to put that $ATK to good use! Land Sales will begin at the end of March! The site launch on friday will give more details for that. Land will ONLY be sold for $ATK. This gives $ATK a great early use before the game releases.

Piker Class ship skimming the surface of Aethervale Station

But…What happens to all that $ATK once we purchase the land? You may ask. That is the best part. We(Attack Wagon Games) will keep none of the $ATK for ourselves.

  1. We will burn 25% of the $ATK used to purchase land.
  2. We will fill the gaming ecosystem & staking wallets with the rest of it.

Why would we do that? We believe the best way to make our games and $ATK prosper is to be willing to follow through on the ‘Free-to-play’ idea in more than just the entry cost alone. We want our company, games and the $ATK ecosystem to prosper for a long time to come.

So How much does each Plot cost?

Common plots — $250 worth of ATK

Grand Plots — $1700 worth of ATK

Iconic Plots — $28,000 worth of ATK

So what can I do right now?

There are a few things you can do in preparation.

  1. Make sure to join the discord for discussion, contests and more to come.
  2. Buy $ATK while the price is still low. (not investment advice)
  3. Whitelisting for Land sales begins next friday at site launch!



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