NFT Claim is Live!

Get your Free NFT now!

$ATK holders can now go and claim their Free NFT gift from Attack Wagon Games. These NFTs are a part of the Art & Lore Series and are collectible cards that give in game benefits for the player that holds them. If you hold your $ATK in your metamask wallet the claim process is very simple head on over to:

The Paladin Class Ship

If you hold your $ATK on or staked on Roseon you will need to whitelist a metamask address before you can claim. head over to:

Here is a quick How-to claim for those that need it.

If you have any issues please send a message with your wallet address to and we can help you as quickly as possible.



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Attack Wagon

Attack Wagon

Attack Wagon is a web3 game studio creating unique worlds, providing opportunities and accessibility for players and utility for projects.