The Big 2nd Quarter Update

Strap yourself in.

First off, thank you so much for believing in Attack Wagon and everything we are creating. As you know this bearish market has affected each and every company and we couldn’t get past it without the help and openness of our amazing community. So thank you for everything you have done and are continuing to do to spread the word about Attack Wagon and supporting us in the process.

We have a TON of fun to announce, tease and promote in this update so while we may seem brief on some topics, know that we will send out more detailed updates about each one of these topics below. To say “we’ve been busy” would be a very big understatement. So sit back relax and enjoy the ride :)

Announcement #1

A Gamified Liquidity Program


One of the toughest things to explain in crypto is the inner workings of liquidity and how you as a user can help the betterment of a tokens ecosystem by participating. For many, this is an unappealing entry barrier that’s especially daunting to those not accustomed to certain blockchain fundamentals. Moreover, seasoned users have been exclusively reaping the benefits for far too long allowing for a monopolistic advantage.

This is exactly why we’re introducing ManaHeart. A fun and gamified experience that aims to eliminate the financial learning curve through engaging illustrations and intuitive onboarding. In short, ManaHeart takes all the complex mechanisms behind defi and bakes them into a lore rich environment that’s palatable to even the most crypto novice.

Below you can see some early renderings of the project.

ManaHeart Renderings

ManaHeart is a project that will evolve over time encompassing more and more aspects of crypto including bridging, swapping and more. Its initial release will cover basic liquidity building and farming.

Announcement #2

The Attack Wagon Arcade

The Attack Wagon Arcade is nearing completion! We are very excited for this project and we will quickly run through some of the details why.

  1. We will be releasing a handful of absolutely fantastic and super fun(and addicting) Arcade games right on our website for use within your browser.
  2. The arcade will have biweekly and monthly prizes for the players at the top of the Leaderboard.
  3. The games will have a small cost to play but Land Owners will benefit from all plays that occur in the system.
  4. We will continue to launch more and more arcade games to participate in the future.
  5. Commercial time. We are in the process of producing a fantastic commercial to market the arcade.
  6. Arcade Loans! Each of our games will be able to be loaned out to projects to help give their project tokens early utility. What does this mean? This means we will allow other projects to use our arcade games in their own self-hosted settings to use and collect their own tokens. Each of these Loaned Arcade Games will also generate fees for all Land Owners meaning our Land Owners will not only benefit from our projects but others as well. More details on the Arcade Loans will be released in the future.
  7. On top of all of this there are many possible public arcade pop-ups that we have planned where you can physically play the arcade games in person and not just online.

Just look at these delicious arcade games!

Attack On Ori
Beast Rush
Comet Me Bro
Cyber Racer
Devi (The Devastator Beast)
Embermite Sabotage
Scrap Hero
Arcade Commercial — In Production

Announcement #3

Scrap Guilds Novel Series Book 1

The Scrap Guilds Novel

We have kept this one under wraps for quite a while. This is the first in a series of novels to be released covering stories throughout the void. It will be releasing in the next couple months. This book will release through a few distributors including Outland Entertainment and Dark Horse Studios. You will be able to find the title at your local bookstore and of course online. The name and key art for this novel will be released soon, we just couldn’t hold off on letting you know the news.

The story follows our main Characters Nora Nova, Mack Murdock and Crimson as they scour the void each finding their own path to success while dealing with their own inherit problems. This novel is full of action, intrigue and of course magic space encounters.

Announcement #4


Many more shirts, hats, pins etc to come

Yes, Merchandise! A lot of you have asked about how you can get your hands on some official Attack Wagon Merch. We will be launching our store within a few weeks.

Team Updates

As many of you know our team continues to grow and we have added more blockchain developers, artists and more. Our latest hire we are really excited about is Galin Dimitrov, our new CMO. Galin brings a ton of great experience in the crypto marketing world and we are excited to have him on the team.

Galin Dimitrov

Partnership Updates

With this latest hire we have been in a ton of new partnership calls and we will continue to publish more and more partnerships as they come in. There are a few that we can’t name quite yet but once we are allowed to announce them then you will see how big of a deal they are.


Our latest partnership with Brydge.Network is super exciting as they’ve brought us the ease of being able to purchase tokens, nfts and more with any token on any chain. This will come in very handy in the near future :)

About Brydge:

Brydge’s SDK enables dApps to accept 1-click payments in any token from any chain, setting a new standard for onboarding retail users.

Accessing Layer 2 dApps usually takes dozens of clicks, up to 30 minutes, and 4 landing pages. Brydge-powered dApps accept 1-click payments in seconds.

Learn more about Brydge:

Website | Docs | Blog


Scrap Guilds, Land and more

New Scrap Guilds Trailer

The latest Scrap Guilds Trailer is under production and it is gonna be bigger and better than ever. We are incredibly excited by how this is turning out and can’t wait to share with the public.

Mack Murdock and the finger guns

Scrap Guilds Alpha

Scrap Guilds Alpha

Alpha is nearly ready however we are not quite there yet. While we would’ve loved to get the alpha out before the end of Q2 we know that releasing(even testing) products too early doesn’t always give you the right type of feedback that you need. So we have pushed the alpha back to Q3 BUT will be updating you on the progress with a cleaner release date as soon as it’s made available. The Alpha will not be connected to the blockchain as we want to get the experience and feel correct before we start blockchain interactions. The Alpha will be made first available to land owners so if you want to test and don’t yet own land be looking for our latest update on the public land sale coming soon.

$ATK Marketplace

The Attack Wagon Marketplace is coming along quickly and should be released along with the public land sale. You will immediately be able to buy and trade in the marketplace along with gathering fees for those that are already Land Owners.

Art & Lore NFTs

The free Art & Lore NFTs we originally had scheduled for end of 2nd quarter we have decided to place to the side until the right point in time when it makes more sense to give out these NFTs as we wanted to be able to get more products out that helped both $ATK and our community be successful. Rest assured more FREE NFTs are coming but as ScrapGuilds is yet released the use of more NFTs on the market seems wasteful.

Some of you have asked “what do these free NFTs do for you in-game?” These NFTs each have a special task in ScrapGuilds. I will give an example below:

Eredne Sabres

The Eredne Sabres are made of super dense charged glass, or “King’s Glass”, Eredne Sabres are the ceremonial weapons given to High Elven commanders. As expensive to make as an ESR cruiser, no two are alike. The delicate, geometric patterns that glow within the blade are actually the metal filaments that the glass matrix is grown around. The incredible volatility of charged glass in the forging process, requires a different primer solution for each blade. The primer is enchanted with the Commander’s magic of choice. The blade is as hot as magma, and cuts through flesh, bone and even armor, with a flick of the wrist.

The following are hints that can be gathered from the traits of each of these NFTs:

Faction covers the area in the void where you gain bonuses to quest loot.

Rarity is the bonus in % that is gained. We will expand this explanation as the game is closer and more Art & Lore NFTs have been released.

You can find these at OpenSea and very soon our Marketplace!

The Public Land Sale

Our Public Land Sale final date will be announced shortly as we are currently locking in key Launchpad partners and new investors. We are very excited for the Public Sale as this will help boost both the company and our products and allow for more hiring and quicker output.

So what does all of this mean?

We have been crazy busy this quarter and still have a TON to do but rest assured we are making the best products we know how and there are a TON of great opportunities coming that take us to the moon and beyond. This is a huge amount of updates but this isn’t even everything going on behind the scenes. As you can see there are a TON of opportunities for you and others to invest and help spread the word about. Thank you again for all your support and keep watching our discord for the latest updates.



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